The Victory Group in the News

An education in saving money

Tight economy, campus upgrades lift Framingham State's appeal

Boston Globe
February 1, 2009

"This is the toughest time I've seen," said college spokesman Peter Chisholm.

Lawmakers debate toll, gas hikes

Boston Globe
December 18, 2008

Peter Chisholm, director of public relations for Framingham State College, said the toll increase would put pressure on commuting students. He said the college has 4,500 commuting students and estimated that up to 2,000 use the turnpike daily.

"That would mean an extra $7.50 a week for the average student," he said.

Local clean technology lauded

The MetroWest Daily News
December 3, 2008

Natick resident Stephen Roche, president for Victory Group, a government affairs and lobbying firm, said, "They will be a very vigorous debate on safer alternatives legislation."

Hill played gains tax dating game

The Boston Herald
July 24, 2002

"Mr. Gordon sold his interests in (Store 24) in April of this year and, as you might guess, will be severely impacted by the effective date of the changes in the state's capital gains tax,'' Gordon's lobbyists, Stephen Roche and Kristine Glynn, wrote in a June 24 letter to Senate Conference Committee chief Michael Knapik (R-Westfield). ``We would urge the Conference Committee to change the effective date of the capital tax changes to July 1, 2002, or Jan. 1, 2003."


"I don't think I'm in a position to offer you a number. But I would characterize it as a very significant gain, and (what would have been) a very substantial capital gains tax hit," says Roche, whose lobbying firm, in this case at least, is appropriately called the Victory Group.

Like any lobbyist worth his salt, Roche coincidentally maxed out to Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham's campaign with a $200 check just in time, on April 24.

"I think the important thing is this guy built a company over 35 years, and he made a decision to sell his interests in the company this year," Roche adds. "He was only one of a number of individuals caught in this retroactive period."